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Why Quality Clean?

We are a locally owned - family operated company with roots right here in Southwest Missouri.


1)    Quality Clean is dedicated to changing your opinion of the cleaning industry; while no company is perfect, we strive to be our customers best vendor by constant communication, continually learning new techniques, and training on old techniques that are still relevant to the cleaning industry today.


2)    We don't just hire anyone and turn your keys over to them, we hire only the best employees, after a thourough background investigation and drug screenings, and have some of the highest starting pay rates for Cleaners in the area.


3)    NO CONTRACTS! If your not happy with our services, cancel at any time.


4)    Our intensive training program insures our employees are up to date with current cleaning trends as well as doing their jobs efficiently and safely. We use only the highest quality equipment and chemicals to clean your facility.




If we wouldn't allow it in our Home, it's not going in your office!


Customer Service

The quality of our service speaks for itself. Quality Clean has a tradition of providing the highest levels of customer service. Our owners hands-on technique helps insure every building is taken care of. They are in the buildings each night cleaning side by side with their employees to ensure the highest level of service is being provided.


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